Why I’m Looking Forward to Ben Nevis This Summer

So it’s confirmed! My girlfriend and I have booked our trip to Ben Nevis in June! We’ve managed to get the cheapest possible trip from Cornwall to Scotland via 2 megabuses and renting a car in Glasgow for a week!

We’re planning on camping on the highest UK peak and try to spend a week out in the wild, walking and camping and generally enjoying the amazing Scottish highlands! It’s not only climbing the highest peak in Scotland (which is obviously an exciting thought!) but the surrounding area looks incredible!

Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe by Joachim Lindenmann on 500px.com


Sunrise over Ben Nevis by camerondj1970 on 500px.com


Even something simple like a boat grounded on Caol Beach looks surreal against the rugged landscape.

Just like when we visited Snowdon – I think the Landscape will be a massive change from the relatively flat cornish hills, and leave us stunned at every turn!

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to be visiting in the snow and ice, but I think that’s wise for our first camp at Ben Nevis – I doubt it’s the kind of thing we can just jump into unprepared and we certainly don’t have the equipment to deal with ice climbing… So don’t expect anything this extreme just yet!

ice in the gloom by ian mcintosh on 500px.com


I really can’t wait to fall asleep under the stars and wake up to the sun peeking over the horizon! I’m certainly looking forward to running a timelapse or two! I can imagine the stars will look incredible spinning over the peaks of the mountains that surround us!

I’m excited for every part of the journey. I’ve never been on a sleeper bus before so that’ll be interesting, and then I’ve never seen Glasgow, where we’ll be renting a small car and spending the first and final days of our journey. A beautiful city in its own right, and one I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope to get some interesting cityscape shots here.

Scott street - Glasgow, Scotland - Black and white street photography by Giuseppe Milo on 500px.com


And then we travel north to get to Ben Nevis – which means going up through Loch Lomond. A place I visited for a single night whilst working over 10 years ago! I don’t remember much, but do remember the area was outstandingly beautiful!

Dukes sunrise... by David Mould on 500px.com


And then we go even further north, through Glencoe! I’ve never been here – but again, It’s an area of the world that looks amazing, with green rolling hills everywhere you look. It looks as if it may be very similar to Snowdonia, and I can’t wait to see it in real life. I wonder if we can set up camp here one night.

Glen Coe, by Dave Hudspeth on 500px.com


As you can see, everything looks incredible, and I’m extremely excited to get going! We set off on June 18th!

5 Places I Want to Travel in 2017

Recently S and I have had an obsession with cold countries and harsh climates – there’s something about the rush of a mountain in the snow that really makes you feel alive, and the beauty is breathtaking!

So here’s a list (in no particular order) of places that have taken our breath away recently:


Perito Moreno Glacier by Dmitry Pichugin on 500px.com

From the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier, shown above, to the famous Torres Del Paine below, Patagonia is a place so incredible that an outdoor activity company use the name! I don’t think we’ll be short of mountains to climb and photos to take when S and I eventually save up to go! The landscape looks so beautiful, untouched and savage – I can’t wait!

Torres del Paine, Cuernos mountains by Dmitry Pichugin on 500px.com


Another South American destination, Peru is the home of the Andes. Combining Towering peaks with hauntingly bleak high altitude deserts, I’ve always been drawn to peru’s beautiful landscapes and stretching shorelines.

Quebrada Caliente by Sorin Rechitan on 500px.com


San Antonio by Itay Gal on 500px.com


Perhaps not anyone’s ‘normal’ break away, but for adventure, it doesn’t get much better than the arctic climate of Greenland.  I recently watched ‘Chasing Ice’ on netflix and couldn’t help but marvel over the amazing sculptures created by nature, as far as the eye can see. One day I want to be delivered to the middle of a glacier by helicopter just to document this beauty!

The White Silence by Daniel Kordan on 500px.com


The Spirit Island by Daniel Kordan on 500px.com

 The Himalayas

The home of Everest, and a no-brainer for mountain lovers! There’s so much to see here other than the World’s highest point. I’d love to explore nature and get stuck into climbing here, chasing that perfect image in a place where peaks are everywhere! 

The Only Witness by Max Rive on 500px.com

Himalayas Camp2 Sunrise by Bibi Bielekova on 500px.com


 A little more relaxed for the end of the list, I’d always wanted to stay in thailand for a while and just.. chill! Who am I kidding – I’d definitely bring my camera and go north to Chiang Mai to check out the incredible national parks in the area. But this time, I’d like to stay warm! 

Raylight sunset Landscape at Doi Luang Chiang Dao by Sittitap Leangrugsa on 500px.com

 Mae Ping National Park at sunrise by Black Hole on 500px.com

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