The world is a vast and beautiful place. However, when travelling alone, it can feel difficult to stay safe and secure with so many unknown risks in a place you aren’t familiar with. However, keeping yourself safe is not a difficult task. Solo travel can be completely safe as long as those embarking on this journey take the necessary precautions.

There are simple steps that everyone should take that will prevent you from falling victim to any crime or general dangers. Here are some ways to stay safe and secure when travelling solo.

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Know your destination

The first step to staying safe and secure when travelling is knowing where you’re going and the people you will be with. This way, it will be easy for you to decide whether or not you feel comfortable in a particular area. Travelling without any advance planning in place may leave you in an area you don’t know, or with people you don’t trust, so it’s super important to only do things you are comfortable with, and have planned ahead of time.

Before beginning your journey, you must research how the areas your staying appears, if it has a bad reputation, or a history of crime or danger. To do this, search online for attractions and accommodation popular with travellers in the area you’re visiting. You can also learn about the crime rate and safety issues in each area by reading reviews from other travellers or checking ratings on travel websites like Trip Advisor.

It’s also a good idea to select a few places that seem like they’re in safe and secure areas of town and then try to plan your trip so that you’ll be spending time at those places more often than others.

Protect yourself with an emergency kit

Every traveller should have an emergency kit. This could include water, food, and a map. You should also pack a flashlight, knife, and any other items that you might need to stay safe. Consider making copies of your important documents, such as passport insurance and flight details, so if the worst does happen, you still have copies to assist you with legal requirements and practicalities. Consider a burner phone loaded with important phone numbers for family and friends, your insurance company and other details should your main phone become damaged or stolen.

The best place to store your emergency kit is in a backpack or carry-on bag. If your bag is small enough, consider stashing it in the waistband of your trousers for easy access when needed.

There are also travel backpacks designed specifically for travellers that come with more features than the average backpack. They can include hidden compartments for valuables such as your passport, extra straps or hidden zips to make it harder for your belongings to be stolen or even alarms.

Protecting yourself with an emergency kit is essential because there’s always something that can go wrong when travelling solo. It’s never too early to ensure you have what you need to stay safe and secure when travelling solo!

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Stay in touch with friends and family.

Solo travel is a wonderful opportunity to get out and explore the world. However, it can sometimes be hard to feel like you’re totally safe when travelling solo. One way to increase that feeling of safety safe is by staying in touch with friends and family back home.

It’s really important to share your planned route and any risks you might encounter with those who are close to you. Having support from those who care about you will help keep you safe and secure on your trip, as they can reach out to find you or remotely assist you if anything unexpected happens.

Share your location in real-time with those you trust so people know your exact movements and have location tagging on your photos, too, as this will give a better idea of your activity should people need to find you.

Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts! You can’t be too careful when travelling. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, it is best to leave immediately. For example, if the place you are staying in has a lot of people acting suspicious at night and there is a lot of rowdy noise, it may be best for you to find a different place to stay.

Suppose you feel intimidated exploring alone in a new area. In that case, it can be helpful to ask at your accommodation where is best to visit for travellers or book an organised trip such as with Turkey Tours to help familiarise yourself with the local area.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, trust your instincts and leave immediately. No matter how good of shape you think you’re in, there’s always something that can happen unexpectedly.

The more prepared you are for the worst, the better the situation will be if you find yourself in danger or the victim of crime. Being prepared is vital and will help keep you more aware when in new locations and more vigilant as you go about your business.

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