How We Can Make Travelling More Exciting (and Tolerable) for Kids

As the proud new father of a tiny 4 month old baby daughter, I thought it was time to start thinking about how travel can be integrated in the life of a parent, and how to make travelling fun for your little ones too!

Travel can be a big issue for children. Whether you are venturing in a campervan or doing long-haul flights, it’s important to ensure that travelling can be an exciting and fun part of the experience. What does it take to ensure that your children are more excited about the travel experience?

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Plan the Activities Around Them

You don’t have to plan everything around your children’s needs, but it’s important to make sure that everybody’s bases are covered. This is why many multi activity holidays are a perfect option. It’s important to make sure that, whenever you go, there’s a kids club that caters for their ages, or if you are going on excursions ensure there are activities that will keep your children busy. You have to remember your children have a lot of energy, but also they can get incredibly bored or fed up if you are travelling over long distances. You need your children to burn off their energy, but you also need to make sure that they are happy because if they’re not happy, you’re not happy!

Think About Their Health

It sounds obvious, but before you venture off, you need to make sure that your children stay happy by being healthy. Having some of the following can make a big difference:

  • Plasters. Having a fully stocked first aid kit should be a priority. Anything can happen (and it’s very likely that it will). 
  • Water. Of course, ensuring that your children are hydrated is vital, and if you are venturing further afield where you have concerns about tap water, you can purchase water filters that remove the impurities. 
  • Snacks. Your children are going to get hungry, and if they get hungry they get angry. Good quality snacks will always keep them occupied.

Do Not Pack Too Many Toys

As much as your kids love their toys, it is unrealistic to think that your children will be occupied with every single toy that they usually play with. Instead, you’ve got to offer them one of their favourites and one other. Anything more means you have a mutiny on your hands. And when you are too busy running around looking for places, two toys are easier to keep track of if your child is the type that ends up losing them.

Ensure They Experience the Local Culture

Sometimes we can shield our children from the experiences or feel more protective. Children are purpose-built to learn and will embrace new things if you give them enough exposure. While they may not take kindly to the food, we have to remember that when a child has their eyes open to the world, a lot of people will always gravitate towards kids and those people will always be courteous, kind, and may even give them a treat. You are there with them, so you can gauge the situation. You need to give your children the opportunity to experience new things and this is going to make a big difference to the enjoyment of the holiday, but also how they view the world as they get older.

5 Outdoor Adventures for Adults You Won’t Soon Forget

Summer activities often revolve around fun for kids. But there are tons of outdoor adventures for adults that don’t include water parks and rollercoasters. So here are some of the most compelling to get you out and active.

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Long-Distance Trekking and Hiking

Walking is good for the mind, body, and soul. Popular hiking trails see millions of visitors per year. And with good reason. By simply walking to a far-flung destination, you can witness some of the most stunning sights on Earth. Sights you would otherwise miss by driving, flying, or getting a train. For example, you can only see Urularu by booking a tour like the Emu Run Experience, which gets you up close to one of nature’s most stunning and revered spectacles. And if you have the time, you can make the most of a trek by setting up camp and taking it all in.

Freefall Bungee Jumping

I’m terrified of heights so you won’t find me doing this, but here’s one that’s not for the faint of heart: bungee jumping is one of the most stimulating activities you can do. Launching yourself off a cliff, bridge or platform takes a fair bit of bravery, knowing you will hurtle to the ground at terminal velocity. However, bungee experts are at the top of the game. And despite the impending danger, bungee expeditions are pretty safe. The cord’s tensile strength means it won’t break. And the elasticity means you will never hit the ground. Still, this is probably the most extreme activity you can do next to jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet.

Outdoor Adventures for Adults Includes Diving

It might be underwater, but it still counts as the outdoors! Despite their vast beauty and immense displays of nature, only 20% of our oceans have been explored and mapped by experts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the plunge and do some diving of your own. You can stay in the shallows or go for a deep dive experience. Either way, you are in for a treat. Shallow diving lets you experience the stunning beauty of eco-friendly coral reefs and local sea life. While you can explore sunken ruins and darker caverns with deep-sea diving. However, each one requires some training before setting out.

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Guided Tour Mountaineering 

If trekking a hiking trail doesn’t cut it for you, there’s always the call of the mountain. Mountaineering is a more profound experience that will challenge even the most experienced hikers. However, you will get to see the most remarkable vistas if you can cut it. Many mountain top views are unsullied by human interference and are therefore crawling with wildlife. For example, bears, eagles, and wild wolves are among the most common in North America. Therefore, this is a dangerous hobby, and you should consult with a guide beforehand.

Mountain Biking Through Popular Trails

Sometimes your feet just aren’t fast enough, and you need to feel the adrenaline of hurtling towards a drop at 30mph. If that’s your idea of fun, then perhaps consider taking your bike up a mountain trail rather than walking. Mountain biking requires far more physicality than walking, and it’s a lot quicker. But it’s no less fun or satisfying. Additionally, you will get to vista points faster on two wheels than on two feet. While it’s immense fun shifting gears over varying terrain, the fun really starts when you begin your descent and let gravity do most of the work.


Summer is here, and you might be looking for outdoor adventures for adults. Some of the most intense include bungee jumping, mountaineering, and mountain biking through trails.

How to Travel and Stick to your Budget without Compromise

If you want to travel the world but you are on a budget, then you will know how frustrating this can be. You may feel as though you are constantly having to change your plans because you simply can’t afford to go for the full package deal you intended, or that you are having to compromise too much and now feel down about the holiday in general. Either way, if this sounds like you, then you have to know that there are other options available.

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Choose the Right Card

If you prefer to pay with plastic, then you need to make sure that the card you are choosing is suitable for spending overseas. If you take a debit card with you, then you may find that you have to pay a small fee based on every transaction you make. Credit card providers tend to have a 3% exchange rate on every withdrawal too. If you want to work around this, then make sure that you opt for a pre-paid travel card where possible. The great thing about this is that you can only pay with what is on there and this makes it a very good option if you want to pull in your spending a little.

Set a Daily Budget

Setting a daily budget is a great way for you to always keep a figure in mind whenever you spend your money. You can tell if you can afford to buy that second bottle of wine with your lunch and you can also find out if you can go on an unplanned activity that day. If you plan a daily budget, then this makes it much easier for you to keep track of everything properly. If you want to try and budget well, then you may want to consider a trip in your home country as opposed to going abroad.  You can even look into used caravans for sale if you want, as this gives you the chance to cook inside your caravan, without having to eat out every night.

Turn Off Data Roaming

This is not breaking news at all. Using the internet abroad will eat into your data more than you realise. That being said, you do not need to be surfing the web all day. If you want to make sure that you are not accidentally using the internet, then be sure to turn off data roaming. If you can do this, then you will soon find that it is way easier for you to get the result you want.

Eat like a Local

It is more than possible for you to indulge without breaking the bank. If you can make the effort to choose local eateries that are away from the top tourist hotspots, then this will help you greatly. You may also find that it gives you the chance to be satisfied for a fraction of the cost. You would be surprised at how much this could help you to free up your vacation budget, so be mindful if you can.

Top Tips for Planning Your Next Holiday

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Holidays are essential for your well-being. It doesn’t matter where you travel to, whether it is in your local area or halfway across the world, everyone needs to take a break. Life is extremely busy, and it is important to take time away from your usual environment to support your mental health, and your overall happiness. 

Going on holiday is exciting, but more often than not, the thought of trying to plan a trip can become overwhelming. To help you move forward with your planning, and feel excited about taking a holiday, here are some top tips to help you get started. 

#1 Create a checklist 

A checklist is an excellent visual aid that provides you with a simple list of things you need to do. The act of dumping down everything that is spinning around in your head ensures that you don’t forget anything, and you can work through it one step at a time. You can create and work through the checklist at your own pace, and you can even save it for your next trip too. 

You should start by making a list of everything relevant to your trip, and anything that pops up in your head. You may want to do a little research to see what is essential to your trip, for example, special clothing, travel documents, etc. You can do this online, or you can visit your local travel agent for more information on your travels. 

#2 Create a budget

It is important to decide on how much money you are comfortable spending on your next holiday. Take a look at the different accommodation options, such as Hamilton Island Apartments to get a good idea of prices. You should have a look at the different activities that you would want to do while you are on holiday, and how much they will cost. You will also need to incorporate costs for petrol or public transportation, food, and an emergency fund. 

You can then set your budget accordingly. As you work through your checklist and start making bookings, you can review your decisions against your budget to ensure you stick with it. This is a great way to ensure that you eliminate any stress and worries about money, and once your holiday is booked, you can fully enjoy it. 

#3 Get organised ahead of time

You must organise your holiday as far in advance as possible. This will give you ample time to do your research, get your funds in order, and slowly make your way through your checklist. If you plan a holiday too late, it can lead to a lot of stress, missed items, and a rushed holiday. If you can take your time to plan, you can be ready to go, and feel able to enjoy your holiday more. 

#4 Have fun

Remember that a holiday should be fun. Try to indulge in a little bit of enjoyment while you plan your holiday, as you look at where you are going and what you will get up to. This is a great way to take the stress away and extend the holiday feeling. 

Don’t let the overwhelm of planning a holiday get in the way. Follow these top tips to plan your next holiday with no stress. 

Autumn Holiday Tips And Ideas

Now that the summer is over many of us feel as if the holiday season is over and done with. But actually, there are some amazing places to go and things to do during the autumn season that will make the most of your time and give you some great experiences. 

If you are looking to plan the perfect autumn break for yourself and your family this year, we are going to take a look at some of the best ideas and tips for your autumn holiday this year. 

Make a plan 

First of all it is important for you to make a plan of what you want to do during your trip. There are some amazing things to do during the autumn season such as going for a woodland walk, heading to your local pumpkin patch, or even heading for a hayride. You can write a bucket list of activities you want to do and places you want to visit, and this will help to shape your trip and dictate how you will make the most of the week. 

Set your destination 

It is so important before you do too much else to decide what type of holiday you want and where you want to go. If you are looking to go somewhere such as the USA and need a visa there are resources to help you get it fast and prepare for the trip with no issues. Once you have chosen your perfect destination you can do some research on the location and see what kind of activities you can book during your stay. 

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Pack the essentials 

Now it is time for you to pack up the essentials for your holiday. No matter how long your trip is there are some things you always need to bring with you to make sure you have them. Always pack some shampoo and conditioner, and consider using some travel bottles for this to make life a little easier for you. You will also want to pack your underwear, layers, and phone charger to make sure you have it in an emergency. If you always forget things when you pack for trips away make sure to write a list beforehand and tick off the items as you go along and this will make life a lot easier for you going forward. 

Pack for the weather 

One of the things you need to consider in the autumn is that the weather can easily go one way or the other. A lot of the time in autumn you might face pretty chilly mornings but by the time the sun comes out it can get pretty hot. Make sure that you consider this before you start planning your clothing because autumn is often the most unpredictable time of the year. It is very easy to get caught out either too hot or cold so always bring layers you can put on or take off during the day! 

Enjoy a fun brunch 

Autumn is a great time for you to take a stroll through a village and find a small cafe perfect for brunch. Sitting out with the sun beating down and the orange leaves around you is the ideal way to spend the day and you’ll be able to make the most of the cool breeze with a coffee in hand. Head out for brunch with your family or meet up with a couple of friends and this can be a great way to enjoy your time off. 

Go for a coffee tasting 

Are you a coffee lover like me? One great activity as the weather gets cooler during autumn is coffee tasting. You can head over to your local specialty shop and try some different beans and enjoy a few nibbles while you are there, you’ll be surprised by just how much variety there is, and different flavours you’ll taste. After this why not head to a restaurant and enjoy a meal with your partner? Celebrate the cooler seasons in style and enjoy some beautiful beans that will tickle your tastebuds perfectly. 

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Enjoy a woodland adventure 

One of the best ways to make the most of autumn on holiday is to head out into the woods for a stunning walk with your family. Packing for a day out in the woodlands will involve some waterproof boots and coats just in case it rains. One great idea would be to make some sandwiches and pack up a few snacks with you and sit down in a scenic location for a little picnic. This will be a great way to relax and enjoy the fresh air, and will be a good way to get everyone out together in a beautiful location.

Go camping 

If you want to enjoy the autumn weather in the best possible way, one thing you can do is head out for a camping trip in the woods. Many national parks allow you to set up a camp and you will be able to make the most of the natural landscape as well as set up a fun holiday for you and your family on a small budget. When you pack for your camping trip make sure to pack up some digestives, chocolate, and marshmallows and you’ll be able to sit around your campfire and make some s’mores!  If you’re taking a pup, make sure you pack all the essentials that will keep them warm over night, with plenty of water and treats!

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Head out for a Road Trip 

If you don’t fancy heading off to a hotel or abroad for your autumn holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a great trip away as a family. A road trip can be a great option if you want to stay fairly local and you are on a budget. You will be able to drive to many locations in your local area and discover some hidden gems you might have never seen before. You can set off for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks – staying in hotels or b and b’s along the way. 

If you are looking to make the most of your autumn and you fancy a break away from home – consider trying out some of these fun holiday ideas this season.